PTI Corrections Policy

PTI has a transparent and unambiguous corrections policy. All factual errors, including numbers, names, dates and misquotes, are acknowledged and corrected as soon as possible in a prominent space. The corrections are marked for subscribers with a ‘CORRECTED’ next to the slug and an Editor’s note above the story specifying the error being rectified and where precisely in the text. The Editor’s note rule holds even for lapses such as typos.

In case of an error in a news alert transmitted to subscribers and on Twitter, the correction is made by issuing another alert promptly and specifying why this is being done. For Twitter, the corrected tweet goes with an explanatory line on the earlier post, pointing to the mistake made, the correction and informing that it has been deleted. The same rule will apply to any other social media platform to be used in future by PTI.

Mistakes in PTI copies and alerts are identified through different avenues – readers pointing out errors on social media platforms or through direct communication with the office and reporters, rejoinders from officials or parties concerned and those caught by the journalist and other colleagues after the story is published. The editorial team concerned begins the task of investigating the matter as soon as the feedback comes in. This could require going back to the information source, whether it is an official or a document, and sometimes accessing other resources such as a subject expert to ascertain the actual fact. Once that is done, the story or alert is immediately corrected.

A ‘Contact Us’ page on the PTI website -- -- lists addresses and telephone numbers of the head office as well as regional and bureau offices across the country for the benefit of readers and subscribers.

With a legacy of 72 years of service, PTI is recognised as India’s most trustworthy, unbiased, and credible source of news. This is reflected in its daily body of work, with every story steadfastly objective and transparent in its sourcing. It has been a core contributor towards building a free and fair press in the country. Fact checking is embedded in its day-to-day editorial operations and is integral to the DNA of the organisation, which relies on a vast network of journalists, stringers, and experts across various subjects to source and verify each story.

To continue the mantra of accuracy and ethical journalism, PTI this year launched a Fact Check Desk to filter the flow of misinformation over the Internet and create fact check stories on a range of topics/claims. For any complaints on fact check stories, readers can reach out to the team using the link . The desk promptly acknowledges and issues a correction according to PTI's Correction Policy and the IFCN guidelines. For updated/corrected stories, a disclaimer is appended to the original report with the details on the modification made/updated information.