Misperception denies Indian kids ORS treatment in diarrhoea cases: Study

Updated: Feb 9 2024 4:18PM

New Delhi, Feb 9 (PTI) Many children with diarrhoea in India are deprived of the standard oral rehydration solution (ORS) because doctors mistakenly believe that parents do not prefer the treatment, according to a study conducted across 253 towns in two states.

The study, published in the journal Science, suggests that closing the knowledge gap between what treatments health care providers think patients want and what patients really want could help save half a million lives a year and reduce unnecessary use of antibiotics.

"Even when children seek care from a health care provider for their diarrhea, as most do, they often do not receive ORS, which costs only a few cents and has been recommended by the World Health Organization for decades," said senior author of the study, Neeraj Sood, form the University of Southern California in the US.