Pak's Jamaat-i-Islami party candidate forfeits seat in Sindh; says Imran Khan's party-backed candidate actual winner

Updated: Feb 12 2024 6:10PM

Karachi, Feb 12 (PTI) In an unusual move, a senior leader of Pakistan's Jamaat-i-Islami Party on Monday forfeited his seat in the Sindh province that he won in Thursday's elections, saying it was not him but the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf party-backed candidate who has won from the constituency he contested.

According to the provisional results released by the Election Commission of Pakistan for the February 8 general elections, Naeem won from the PS-129 constituency (Karachi Central VIII) with 26,296 votes.

Addressing a press conference, Hafiz Naeemur Rehman said that he took the unusual step to highlight the alleged rigging in many constituencies during the February 8 polls. “A PTI-backed independent candidate has won and I will not avail this seat,” he said.