Priyanka Gandhi slams 'merciless bombing' of Gaza, says India must stand up for what's right

Updated: Dec 7 2023 9:05AM

New Delhi, Dec 7 (PTI) Noting that the "merciless bombing" of Gaza continues with even more "savagery" than before the truce, Congress leader Priyanka Gandhi Vadra Thursday said it is India's duty as a member of the international community to stand up for what is right and do all it can to ensure a ceasefire at the earliest.

In a post on X, the Congress general secretary said India has always stood up for what is just and supported the Palestinian people from the beginning of their long struggle for freedom.

"The merciless bombing of Gaza continues with even more savagery than before the truce. Food supplies are scarce, medical facilities have been destroyed and basic amenities have been shut down," she said.